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Low Moisture Encapsulation

Our Low Moisture Encapsulation carpet cleaning system uses minimal water to trap (encapsulate) dirt, stains, grease, allergens and odours from deep within your carpet forming crystals, which we then vacuum away.

Using the revolutionary CIMEX machine, which features 3 simultaneously counter-rotating brushes that scrub all sides of each carpet fibre, our Low Moisture Encapsulation method is 6 times more efficient than any standard rotary carpet cleaning system.

Suitable for all carpet types, our Low Moisture Encapsulation carpet cleaning system results in clean, fresh carpet that dries within just a couple of hours and prevents stains from resurfacing.

The patented triple-head mechanism incorporates a counter-rotating planetary drive disc. This gives a vigorous action that cleans in all directions allowing for quick and effective finishing and polishing.

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